Before we start this blog we would like to explain, in case you didn’t read our “About Me” page, how this adventure came to be. We are baby boomers and we were looking for a way to travel cheap, but nice, once we retired. My husband came up with a plan that took about a year to implement before we could rent out our home and leave.  Our original plan was to go someplace, i.e. Chicago, Miami, Portland, NYC, and rent an apartment for 2 to 6 months, buy furniture off Craigslist or garage sales, then donate or sell the same way when we left.

We went to Oregon and tried this for two months.  It proved to be more expensive and time consuming than we wanted. When we went to Las Vegas, we attended a Wyndham timeshare presentation and realized we owned a timeshare and just needed to re-join RCI to get access to their inventory that we could buy a week at a time, preferably as a discounted “last call.”  Once we had rejoined, we were able to see Last Calls, Extra Vacations, and trades all over the world.

We are now having fun trying to see how cheap we can travel from timeshare to timeshare full-time. Our plan is to do it as long as we have our health, don’t have grandkids, and enjoy the traveling. It is work though, planning, packing, loading, unloading.  We try to get an upper floor so we can take the stairs most of the time. We hit the pools, walk, stair climb and try to eat most of our meals out of the time share kitchen. We have scaled way back on meats, cheeses and anything processed. We are losing weight, which almost always feels good.




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