Lake Tahoe, NV – 5/16/2017

Mike here, gave pretty woman the day off.


We slept in and then had breakfast and went to the timeshare presentation.  It was pretty low key.  A general presentation for all the potential customers.  Focused on trying to convince us to book all our travel through them.  Air, cruise, car rental, hotels, resorts, everything.  Just buy more points.  We said no thanks and we got out of there pretty quickly.  We ran into Tahoe on a failed errand and grabbed a Subway sandwich to split.  Just took a few pictures.  It was so windy, gusts up to 50+ miles per hour.  Lots of talk about the snow, 60 feet + at the highest elevations.  Fire season delayed because of all the snow, ski resorts open very late in the year and some throughout the whole year.  Pretty amazing.

Didn’t even think about it a little, way too cold and way too windy.

Didn’t even go stick a finger in to test.

From the deck on the top floor of our unit, has to be a 60 mile view.

Very very windy today.

That was our day, hope yours was great.

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