Winnemucca, NV to Lake Tahoe via Carson City, NV – 5/15/2017

May 15, 2017 (Monday)

Had such a nice visit last night with family and friends. The only thing was Michael and I ate way too much. I think people tend to do that when they eat at Basque restaurants. Could not believe all the foods they brought out, and kept bringing out. Nine courses – a meaty soup, a chicken tomato dish, tarragon carrots, salad, baked beans, mashed potatoes, french fries, individual entrees and bread pudding for dessert.  A carafe of wine was on the table as well as two big pitchers of iced water.  For that reason, I slept horrible due to my overeating, and because Michael overate, he snored like I have never heard before (and I’ve heard a lot of his snoring of all kinds). We vowed no more Basque restaurants.

The drive today was from Winnemucca, Nevada to South Lake Tahoe, Nevada side. The road was straight highway with just one long stretch of construction, otherwise clear and good. We stopped before we headed out at a local gas station, and for a cup of coffee and a hash brown at the McDonald’s. Both of us could not even think about having anything big for breakfast. The drive was about 250 miles, weather started out raining, cleared, clouds, more rain, and even some snow.

Clear sky to start.

Good road, pretty mountains.

Coming off the desert path we read about harrowing experiences of tremendous struggles to make it across and get to this point to drink cool fresh water from the Truckee river.

We came into Sparks and headed south.

Nice highway down to Carson City.

Giant iron eagle.

We got into Carson City a little after noon. We walked the grounds into the Capitol and enjoyed it. It’s more of a museum then a working Capitol, but they do some work in the Capitol. There were statues, paintings, and a lot of museum type information.

Our first glimpse of the Capitol. There are a lot of trees on the Capitol grounds.

Medallions in the sidewalk mark the Kit Carson trail.

Tribute to miners.

Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

Kit Carson.

Oh, now I get it, Carson City!

Our Capitol selfie.

Front entrance. The windows are French crystal.

Front door.

Governor’s portraits.

A surname we are familiar with.

Sarah Winnemucca, educator, author and advocate for Native Americans.


Governor’s receptionist.

In the Governor’s reception area.

Most of the building has been converted to a museum.

Raw metals.

Former Assembly chamber, now a meeting room.

Wallpaper along the ceiling pays homage to all the minerals that are mined in Nevada.

Former Senate chamber is now a museum.

Old Supreme Court.


Dedicated to former Governor Guinn.

Beloved and died shortly after leaving office in a freak accident, falling off his roof.

It’s a lovely Capitol but not our favorite. After the Capitol, we walked to the Supreme Court building and looked around, and then over to the House and Senate building. We were able to peek into both chambers, even though the House was in session. Lovely buildings and even prettier grounds around the Capitol and the other State buildings. We enjoyed them all very much.

Pretty woman walking around.

Handsome building. We went in but were locked out of the courtroom.

Lots and lots of trees on the grounds.

Looks like 36 stars to me. This is on the floor inside the Supreme Court Rotunda.

Big screen in the Assembly.

Nice modern set up.

Speaker of the House.

Senate Chamber.

All the usual, seal on the back of the seats, buttons, name plates, microphones…

I am not that familiar with Rotary but I sure like their four way test.

We left and were discussing what and where we wanted to eat linner. We decided on our favorite Italian place in the Lake Tahoe area, Primo’s Italian. As we were driving up the steep hill towards Lake Tahoe, we saw a car in front of us hit a deer trying to cross the road. The poor deer got hit hard and I hope it made it because it staggered up and climbed up the other side of the hill. As we drove by the car that hit the deer, it was pretty damaged. I felt bad but I hurt more for the poor deer than the car.

We said a prayer for this sweet pregnant deer that got hit pretty hard by a car. We worry, nature can be so cruel.

Driving in one of the first views of Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe.

It is always refreshing to be here.

We got to Primo’s Italian and ordered. Michael got a spaghetti dish and I got a sandwich. Really yummy and glad we were able to go there again. We try to eat there at least once when we’re in the area.

Our favorite Italian in South Lake Tahoe.

I had a salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Very good.

Edie had today’s special: a prime rib sandwich which made two meals for her. She loved them.

I had the pasta of the day with two meatballs. The marinara and pasta was great. The meatballs were very soft and had almost no texture. Edie won again.

After Primo’s we went to the bank and then to the local Safeway store. We got some cereal, milk and creamer for our breakfasts the next few days while we’re here or in a hotel.

We went to check in, which went quick, and then were told to go to the parking pass lady. We were talked into another timeshare update with a promise of no pressure. (Sure.) Anyway, we don’t have anything else to do and we haven’t done a Worldmark in awhile so….the money will be nice to buy more dinners. Our unit is beautiful, spacious, clean, fireplace, huge king sized bed, bathtub, and a WASHER and DRYER. All my favorites!

Pretty woman walking to our unit. Turned out to be on the top floor near the end.

Dining area.

Nice kitchen.

Took us a while to figure out the fireplace. TV had MeTV so I got to watch some Perry Masons.

Comfortable living room.

Chair was best.

Okay bathroom.

Edie’s favorite.

Comfortable bed.

And I don’t care if she watches, “Say Yes to the Dress.”

We didn’t make it to the hot tub.

I am currently doing my third load of laundry. That was our day. Hope yours was great!

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