Salt Lake City, UT to Winnemucca, NV – 5/14/2017

May 14, 2017 (Sunday)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Got up and found out a friend of ours had her baby, a little boy named Jamesen. Also found out we were the winners of a raffle we have “donated” 20 dollars to every year for about five years and have never won. Well this was our year! Yea us!

Went down to breakfast around 9:00 AM. The breakfast buffet is quite nice and has just about anything you can want. I love the made to order eggs, but the waffles weren’t bad either.

Cereals, the 3 lidded pans have cheese covered scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes and sausage.

Oatmeal with all kinds of trimmings.

Pastries, bagels, fruit, yogurts and breads for toast

Coffee and juices.

Made to order omelets.

Whatever you want inside.


Went back up, got our stuff and then checked out around 10:00 AM. The drive today was a little over 350 miles to Winnemucca, Nevada. We stopped twice for gas. The weather was cold but clear. The road was all highway and good. It’s a long road with not a whole lot to see (other than salt flats).

Mostly clear at the start of the day with some wispy high clouds.

Okay, long drive for us today.

In the distance, the Great Salt Lake.

Long road with impressive mountains along the way.

Salt flats.

Interesting to travel alongside.

We stopped in Wendover to get gas and use the restrooms.

Another state line.

The nitrogen rich and irrigated crop sure stands out in the desert.

We got to our “home” for the night – Motel 6 ( for under $50.00). It’s older and small but clean and no bugs.

The second CRT TV in our four month adventure. I watched Golden State win their game and could not read the score on the screen. We are all spoiled.

Tonight’s beds.

Odd, odd shower. The shower head is directly behind the shower curtain in the middle. You step in, face out, close the curtain and turn on the water. The control is so far from the head it takes a bit for the change to show up.

We are planning on going out to dinner with my sister, brother-in-law, and some other friends at a Basque restaurant called the Martin Hotel. We thought we had eaten there before, but it was another Basque restaurant that was closed.  Looking forward to visiting with my sis and catching up. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other.

Waiting for sister at the restaurant.

Cloudburst? Twister? Fire? We weren’t sure.

The restaurant is a converted bordello. A leftover phallic symbol on the walls.

The Basque way…salad in the bowl and then cover with beans. We were having such fun this is the only food picture I got.

Debbie and Ed, wonderful friends of Sharon and Pat.

Pat complaining that Grumpy didn’t pass the food fast enough.

Sharon in her typical beauty pose and pretty woman delighted to see her sister.

That was our day. Hope yours was great!

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