Salt Lake City, UT – 5/13/2017

May 13, 2017 (Saturday)

Gave pretty woman the day off. She took off walking and got a haircut at a Supercuts about a block away and then did some shopping at JC Penney.  She bought some earrings.  When she got back we got a visit from Carolyn, her daughter Whitney, and her granddaughter (from her son) Kiara.  They don’t live here but were visiting.  Carolyn’s sister saw on Facebook that we posted the Utah Capitol and told her.  She called Edie and the meet was on.  We had a visit in our room and then on to Cracker Barrel.

Best friends since the third grade. Life long friends. Happened to be touring/visiting in Salt Lake City at the same time. We got a visit in and shared a meal at Cracker Barrel.

We said our goodbyes and they headed off to the Tabernacle Square.  We should have joined them for the tour but decided to wash our car.  It was needing it so badly.  We vacuumed out the front floor boards as well.  After that we went back to our room to rest.  We went down for the free drinks and snacks at 5:30.  Edie had a glass of wine and I had a glass of tomato juice.  After we went to the in house restaurant and got a slice of carrot cake.

His restaurant is located inside the Embassy Suites.

A philosophical statement.

Don Shula’s Vince Lombardi Superbowl trophy.

We went back to the room, worked on the blog and watched TV.

Edie says the hallway light fixtures look like Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Long hall to the elevator.

Then another long hall to our room.

I took some more pictures of our room.

Bathroom doors are sliders on rails.

The thermostat, but you use a remote to change temperature.


It is stored on the side of the headboard.

That was our day, hope yours was great.

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