Prunedale, California to Reno, Nevada – 7/12/2014


JULY 12, 2014 (Saturday)



Rough night. Lexi woke up sick at 4 am. The trailer has such thin walls that you can hear everything so when she woke up, we woke up. Pretty miserable. She’s better now (thank goodness).

We left around noon and went to Gilroy for lunch. We originally thought we wanted Arby’s but it was closed and another drive-thru, that we had never heard of, was there. We settled for Chipotle and ate inside because we’re trying not to eat in the new car. Michael ordered a bowl and I got some tacos. Everything was really good.

Michael and I then hit the road. It’s a little over 300 miles from Prunedale to Reno. I started out driving because Michael hadn’t been able to get a nap in like I had this morning. (He had gone out to Walmart to get some of his medication, the post office to mail some stuff and topped off the car with gas.) I was hoping he would nap when we started out but he started telling me all about “Breaking Bad” and it took quite awhile. Once he had finished up condensing the five years, he did manage to get a little nap in. Right outside of Vacaville, heading towards Davis, the traffic just stopped dead. Really scary. I quickly went as far left as I could because a truck was rapidly coming at us from behind. The truck decided to go to the right so we avoided a crash. Other than that, the roads were crowded but the traffic flowed well.

We had a potty stop near Auburn and then hit the road again. It was at a little convenience store/gas station.   I asked him to buy me a pair of sunglasses as my beloved 7-eye sunglasses had broken and the sunglasses I had been wearing were hurting me as they were too small. I like my new sunglasses and if I lose them, I won’t feel as bad like I would if I lost the expensive 7-eyes.  This time Michael took the wheel and drove us into Reno.

The trip up and over the pass was beautiful (as usual). We got here about 5:30 PM. It’s hot (in the 90’s) here. We checked in with the same guy (Gene) we had last year. Very nice. He told us the parking fees have gone up from $5.00 to $5.50 a day. Gene asked where we wanted to be (river side or city view) and we got the river view side, which we so enjoyed last year. We don’t think we’re up as high as we were last year as we can’t see down into the pool on the 7th floor, but we can still see the park, which we wanted.


The lobby has wonderful furniture and lamps.

The lobby has wonderful furniture and lamps.



We think the rooms are all studios.

We think the rooms are all studios.






We’re not sure if we’re going out again or not. We’re tired. Hey, we’re old and had a very short night which has made for a very long day.  (Michael did go out to get dinner and take a little walk.  He ended up getting dinner from a place across the street called Z’s Pies.  They have all sorts of pot pies, salads, and goodies.  All proceeds go towards foster kids who are too old and have been dropped from the system.  Great cause and good food.)

Out the window.

Out the window.  The park and a concert in progress.

7th floor pool.

7th floor pool.

Great antiques in the halls.

Great antiques in the halls.  Curved glass on the front of this one.

Lion's head arm rest.

Lion’s head arm rest.

I went out for dinner and took a little walk.

I went out for dinner and took a little walk.





I ended up at Z Pies.  I got a chicken mango salad and a chicken mushroom pot pie.  We split both.

I ended up at Z Pies. I got a chicken mango salad and a chicken mushroom pot pie. We split both.

That was our day. Hope yours was great!



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