Salinas, California 5/7/2014 and 5/8/2014


MAY 7-8, 2014 (Wednesday/Thursday)


Got up early and got ready for our dentist appointment today. I had been going to my dentist in Salinas (Dr. Woolery) since I was 17 years old. About three or four years ago, he retired (how dare he). Anyway, he was replaced by the nicest woman dentist named Dr. Jennifer Moran. She’s great. Lexi drove her own car and went to put in applications after her appointment. She went in first, then Michael, then me. When Michael was done, and while he was out in the waiting room, he ran into a person we worked with at the pharmacy. When I got out I got to see and visit with him too. Was so nice catching up with what’s going on at the pharmacy.

After we left (long appointment and didn’t get out until after noon), we headed to AAA to see if we can change our address and get a license plate number for our new Prius. No luck. Next stop was Costco to look for a queen sized blanket for our bed. They didn’t have it but we had lunch there and then headed down the street a little bit to Anna’s Linens, then on to Ross Dress For Less. We ended up getting the blanket at Ross.

When we got home we were both very tired so we took a nap. Hey, we’re old and we’re retired. Plus, it was so cold and the mobile is even colder so I bundled up underneath my new fuzzy blanket and fell asleep. Michael has been enjoying the recliner for his naps. Even Lexi’s dog, Beans, didn’t want to spend a lot of time outside because it’s so cold.

Michael (wonderful man that he is) is making dinner (spaghetti). That was our day. Hope yours was great!


Thursday – Michael got up and went to play with our son in Santa Clara. They are working on a project. I stayed home and had me time (mostly slept and did laundry). Lexi was off looking for work.

That was our day. Hope yours was great!






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