Worldmark Angels Camp, California 4/30/2014


APRIL 30, 2014 (Wednesday)


Michael and I got up pretty early (for us) and were on the road to Santa Clara by 9:00 AM. The drive was about an hour (60 miles). We got to Aaron and Arla’s and were surprised to see Arla home. She had one of her classes canceled. I got a quick visit in with Aaron, Arla and the grand dogs, got the keys to the Prius and was on the road by 11:00 AM.

My very much loved sister, Sharon, and I try to get together as much as we can, when we can. We call it our “Wine and Dye” as she brings hair dye and wine and we visit, laugh, cry, and just have a great time while getting our girl business done of dying our hair. For years we’ve gotten together by Pricelining a room (usually in Sacramento), eating at Cheesecake Factory, and then doing our wine and dye. We usually meet in Sacramento because it is about half way for both of us. I asked if she wanted to do something different and try the Worldmark at Angels Camp. I had looked on the Worldmark site and saw they had plenty of availability on bonus time and we could get a one bedroom for around $60.00. She was okay with doing something different and trying the resort lifestyle.

The drive today was about 125 miles. The GPS route took me over the Altamont Pass and partially through Stockton. Once I got out of Stockton, it was the most beautiful drive ever (almost as pretty as Vancouver Island). The California poppies and blue lupin were in full glorious bloom. Also, just the drive was very relaxing with the rolling hills. Just what I needed, very lovely.

I stopped and explored the quaint little town of Copperapolis for a little bit on the ride up the mountain. I also went into Angels Camp to explore, then stopped to get a toothbrush at the local CVS Drug Store. I looked for restaurants as Sharon and I won’t get to go to the Cheesecake Factory. Angels Camp is a darling little mountain town but it sure doesn’t have a lot of choices for food. I saw a Chinese restaurant, a McDonald’s, Starbucks, a chicken place, Round Table Pizza, and that was about it.





The check-in process was quick and everyone in the office was really nice. I asked about a good place to eat and was told they have a restaurant nearby, on the golf course, called Camp’s. The women said we would not be disappointed but that it was pricey. I was also given pool towels and told the only pool available was at the end of the main road (they were doing maintenance on their other pools).





The resort was very clean and newer appearing. Lots of bright flowers and greenery. I waited and waited for Sharon and was getting worried. I finally texted her and we realized she had been waiting at the bottom of the hill while I was at the top of the hill at the registration building. Poor communication. And my sister was in her little red Miata convertible cooking herself with the top down. It was a really hot day (88 degrees when I was driving up the hill). She said she had a lovely drive but had lots of snow on the sides of the road. 

The unit was spectacular. It overlooked the golf course (that Sharon said her brother-in-law helped design and build, small world). She said she was impressed with the unit – which is so much more than a normal hotel room we would get. There were lots of frog pictures and things hanging on the wall and around – due to the Calaveras County Frog Jumping Contest they hold nearby. The one bedroom had a washer/dryer, fireplace, bbq pit, and a murphy bed. Very comfortable and nice.



Mark Twain's short story lives on in Calaveras County.

Mark Twain’s short story lives on in Calaveras County.








Sharon's husband's sister's husband helped design and build.

Sharon’s husband’s sister’s husband helped design and build.

We were both starving so we decided on Round Table Pizza for dinner. She wanted to go to Camps but it sounded way too expensive to me (even though she was paying). We had the special of the month pizza and it was really good. We had enough to take home for a snack later, which we did. After dinner we just took a little drive and saw the golf course, the restaurant, some deer, and lots of beautiful flowers. We were in Sharon’s little convertible and it was a lot of fun.









After we got home from dinner, we put on our swimsuits and went to the hot tub – or the lobster pot as we called it. Since it was such a hot day, it was a very hot tub. The pool itself was fully in the sun and the hot tub looked like it would be cooler since it was in the shade. We didn’t try the pool but we did enjoy the hot tub for a few minutes.

Once back home, we watched TV, talked, laughed (no crying this time) and caught up on what we’ve been doing, and how everyone was. We had our wine (of course) and then dyed our hair. She even got me kinda hooked on a television show called “The Americans.” I had never heard of it before but she told me about the characters and what’s been happening, enough to where I felt I knew what was happening.

Michael spent the day with Aaron and Arla. He’ll have to tell you about his adventures.

Mike here, had a great visit. Went to a Japanese Restaurant and I ate eel for the first time. Also had other very delicious and less exotic items. Forgot the camera, just as well. We sat on the floor with our feet in a pit and I got to do a variation on: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” My son was amused at my struggle as he hopped to his feet.

That was our day. Hope yours was great!





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