Prunedale, California 4/28/2014


APRIL 28, 2014 (Monday)


Beautiful warm, sunny day. Lazy morning but around noon we got moving and went into town. First stop – Home Depot. Michael got some lumber for the back porch and some closet doors with mirrors. We’re hoping it makes the master bedroom look a little bigger (cause it’s pretty small). We also looked at paint colors. Our renters painted some of the mobile a grey color that’s pretty dark. We want to open it up and lighten it up so we’re looking at a lime green and an off white color. Still thinking about it, though.

After Home Depot we went over to Costco and got a few things. Also, ran into Joan. So good to see her again. Always such a joy. Michael and I ate lunch at Costco before we went in. Didn’t want to totally overspend with all their goodies.

Oh, did I mention that we got our Worldmark at Victoria for Victoria Splash? We’re thrilled and excited and hoping our Canadian friends (Jan and Caron) will join us for at least a night. We got it for August 3-6. We’re planning on going back to Cormorant Island and doing a few other things while we’re there too. Michael wants to get a better picture of the killer whale and octopus before it all falls into the ocean. Excited!

We’re still pulling weeds and just generally trying to get this place organized. Hard to do since there’s not much storage and it’s so small – but we’re trying. We’re still looking on Craigslist for a few things. Hoping to get a butcher block type thing for the kitchen, and a hutch for the dining room/living room.

We’re tired and not sure what we’ll do for dinner. That was our day. Hope yours was great!











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