Prunedale, California 4/24/2014 to 4/27/2014


APRIL 24-27, 2014



Michael has been weed-eating, Lexi and I have been pulling weeds, and we’ve been trying to get the mobile home together. It’s getting there, but slowly. Still a few things we need to get – dishes, pots, pans, etc. It’s been raining off and on so we’ve had lots of down time.

Two nights ago we got some very depressing and sad news. We had put our beloved little dog, Kiki, at a home with our nephew in Oregon. When we left her there in September, she seemed to enjoy it and we had been told during the trip things were going okay. We know Kiki can get a little aggressive, especially with other females, but she seemed to be fitting in. Two nights ago we were told she had been mauled by one of the other dogs there. The dog that mauled Kiki had also been known to kill two ducks. Anyway, the vet said they thought one of the bites had punctured her intestine and the prognosis was not good. We decided to have her put down. We are so kicking ourselves for not going up right away and getting her as soon as we got back.

The new shocks are working well on the pickup and we’re a little more comfortable in it when we’re going down the highway. Before we got bounced around pretty good. We still need to fix the oil leak. We hate having to pay $60.00 to fill it up and miss the Prius. 

Lexi and I went to see “The Other Woman” today at Northridge Cinemark Cinemas in Salinas. Cute movie. I threatened Michael with some of the things they did in the movie if he ever cheated on me. They had some really creative ideas. Later in the evening, Aaron and Arla came by for a little while. Was good seeing them and the dogs. 

That’s been our days. Hope yours was great.


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