Prunedale, California 4/23/2014


APRIL 23, 2014 (Wednesday)


Hated to say goodbye to Marina Dunes. I checked on line to see if there was any availability and it showed they had a room for tonight. Michael said no. Bummer. There is just so much to do in Prunedale but I’m avoiding it. I’m still so tired.

We got moving and left around 11:00 AM. We went over to Denney’s and had breakfast. Michael got a spinach omelette and I got a fit slam (egg whites with spinach and tomatoes). Pretty good food but the service was so slow. Didn’t understand why as it wasn’t that busy.

After Denney’s, we headed to Prunedale. Michael called and talked to a tire place about shocks for the pickup truck as it is pretty miserable to ride in it without being thrown around. They said they had the parts in stock and to bring it in. We jumped back in the truck and headed out. On the way into Salinas (about 15 miles), we talked about looking at cars. We decided to have Michael drop me off at the Ford dealer and he would get a ride back to me. 

I talked to a nice young man named Danny at the Ford dealership. I looked at the Ford Fusion hybrid and I really liked it. 47 MPG – better than our Prius – and it was much more roomy and comfortable. I opted not to drive it at this time and walked on down to the Toyota dealer, where I told Michael I would meet him. At the Toyota dealer, we talked to a man named Steven. He showed us a Prius V. Michael test drove it and really liked it. I liked everything about it except the seats weren’t as comfortable to me as the Fusion. 

We walked back to the Ford dealership and Michael test drove the Fusion. He said he liked it but he couldn’t get in and out of it as well as in the Prius V. I was really surprised but glad he drove it and tried it. He also said he liked the seats in the Prius V better. We still need to look at the other hybrids before we totally make up our minds – plus the longer we can drive the truck and not make payments, the better.

We called and had Lexi come get us and take us back to the tire dealer. Once there Michael was told about the oil leak and how expensive it will be to fix it. Ouch, almost $600.00. To get the shocks was over $400.00. Maybe it would be cheaper and easier to just get a new vehicle. 

We got home and I did a little weed pulling. It’s starting to look like a jungle around here because it rained a little. Need to focus on the outside now that we are furnished and the painting and stuff inside can wait for bad weather. We are hoping there will be a little more rain. That was our day. Hope yours was great!












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