Prunedale, California 4/7/2014

April 7, 2014  (Monday)


Sunday was a blur, cleaning, getting things out of the storage container.  Preparing to do taxes.  Unfortunately found a scale.  I, Mike, am now officially on a diet.  Too many really good restaurants along the way.

Today I spent hours looking for a SD card with my life in taxes on it.  I am so paranoid I delete our information from everywhere except this one little card and I could not find it to save my life. And I could not move forward with this years taxes without it.  I remembered so well putting it in a box with all the tax software.  I started there and expanded the search.  Thought I was going to have to empty the entire 40 foot container.  And it was hot today, 80.

I was tired, came back to the trailer for a rest and to cool off.  My beloved Edie put a portfolio in my hand and told me to look in there.  It was one we had on the trip the whole time.  There it was.  I was so grateful to her, again.  I have almost finished the taxes now.  Will surely finish tomorrow.

We are going to take care of business around here and begin doing some local trips.  We want to rest a bit and take a break from publishing daily, maybe weekly.   We wish you all safe travels and good health.


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