Las Vegas, Nevada 4/4/2014

APRIL 4, 2014 (Friday)


Overcast and chilly out today.

Most lazy, deliberately so. We wanted a day of rest, relaxation, packing, and just being lazy. Michael and I did venture out around 2:30 PM to walk over to the South Point Casino to have linner. We decided on Baja Miguel’s. When we got there they put chips and three different dips on the table – guacamole, salsa, and refried beans. All excellent. We also got a free blended margarita with our entree (certain hours/days). Michael ordered albondigas soup with a burrito, and I ordered two tacos. Everything was really good, but way too much. food. 


Albondagas soup.

Albondigas soup.

Edie's soup, tasted like tomato soup with fine noodles inside.

Edie’s soup, tasted like tomato soup with fine noodles inside.

Edie's tacos.

Edie’s tacos.

My burrito.

My burrito.

After linner we walked over to the movie theaters and got tickets to see Captain America. Weekdays before 4:00 PM at the South Point Casino Cinemark, seniors can get into the movies for $4.00. Because this was a 3D movie, the cost was more (way more). Oh well. Next time we’ll pick a regular movie.

Interesting color on the walk home.

Interesting color on the walk home.

We are now back home for our last night. Tomorrow we head back to the Monterey area for awhile. We want to get Lexi situated with a job and a place to live. Might take awhile with today’s economy. We’re hoping to be back on the road as soon as we can but will probably spend two weeks at some places so we can rest and explore. 

That was our day. Hope yours was great!


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