Stoneridge Resort – Blanchard, Idaho 9/30/2013

SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 (Monday)


Another rain filled day. Getting real tired of it. It even hailed for awhile. It’s really pretty looking outside though, even if it’s just watching the rain on the golf course.

I mostly stayed in bed all day. Still feeling pretty miserable but a little better. I can close my mouth and mostly breathe out of my nose. I fear Michael is coming down with it. 

Michael went to Stacey’s to help with the doggie door. Lexi and I stayed here. I made a chicken soup with all the many leftovers we have. Lexi and I have been hitting it pretty hard throughout the day. Pretty good.

Michael and Lexi will go to the pool and do a workout later. I’ll still be in bed. 

That is our day. Hope yours was good.

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