Prunedale, California 09/03/2013

SEPTEMBER 3, 2013 (Tuesday)


Time is just flying too fast and we’re not getting done what we’re supposed to be getting done. It doesn’t help, I guess, that we went on vacation for a night to the Worldmark Marina Dunes. Just had to try it because it’s so hard to get into and they had an opening when I looked. 

We had such a nice night at the Worldmark. Nice and roomy two bedroom with lovely view of the pool and hot tubs, as well as the sound of the ocean. This was our first booking with our new Worldmark account.  I guess I did it wrong, it is a little bit confusing.  I booked it as “Bonus Time” but I used our credits to pay.  I lost a housekeeping credit and it cost 1100 points.  I tried calling before we went but they were closed for the holiday weekend.  I called first thing this morning and explained that I was brand new at this and was currently at the Marina Dunes Resort.  The very nice lady said she knows people that have tried to get into that resort for years, without success, and how did we do that on our first booking?  We had a good laugh and she reversed what I had done and did it the way I should have done it so the room ended up costing us about $77 for the night.  Michael and I hated to leave but we had to get to Home Depot to get some things for the studio, getting it ready to try to AirBnB it. 

We left around 10 AM and went to the Seaside McDonald’s. We had our usual egg white McMuffin. The Home Depot is right next door so we just ate in the car and then went to Home Depot to get a few things. After that we headed back to Prunedale and Michael stayed to wait for the stove guy while I went on to my dentist appointment. We keep smelling something and think it might be the stove.  I got a nice visit in with Dr. Moran and Sandra, her receptionist.  Nice people.  Dr. Moran is going to New Orleans and getting to hear Bill Clinton talk at their conference.  Sounds nice.

After my dentist appointment with Dr. Jennifer Moran, I went to the Toyota dealership and had the oil changed. They said everything else looked good on the Prius, other than it needs a headlight, which we already knew. I told them Michael was going to replace the light (again) for the third time. That’s the only thing we don’t like about this Prius is that the headlights go out all the time and they’re very expensive to replace if you have it done. Just the bulb alone from the dealer was $172.00.

I left the dealership and went to Wendy’s to get a salad for dinner. I got home and Michael and I went up to the connex to get a few things. As luck would have it, we found the paint he was looking for and just paid a bunch of money to replace from the Home Depot this morning. Oh well, it’s just money I guess.

Michael is going through each of our posts and removing the ability to leave a comment.  The comment spam is getting overwhelming.  Hundreds a day, left by software, improving their standing in the search engines rankings and diminishing ours.  If you ever want to tell us something, please use the “contact us” form.  Thanks for understanding.

That has been our day. Hope yours was great!


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