Monterey, California to Santa Clara, California 7/22/2013

JULY 22, 2013 (Monday)


Had to get up early so Michael could go into Salinas to get some blood work done with his heart doctor. He was going to go in by himself but we decided to check out early and just go together and then go to breakfast afterwards. Michael’s neck is bothering him. We’ve been putting aspercreme on it. Personally, I think it’s stress. Hope it goes away soon.

After the blood work, we went to Denny’s just around the corner from the doctor’s office. Drank some coffee and Michael had pancakes while I opted for an omelette. This particular Denny’s was very slow today and it took quite awhile before our breakfast arrived, or for them to refill our coffee.

After breakfast we headed back out to Prunedale. We found more stuff to put into the conex. Then we headed for Santa Clara. Got here but Aaron and Arla were at the gym working out. Took a little while for them to get here. Got a nice, but short, visit in before they had to head for work. We get to watch our grand-doggies while they’re at work. We’re waiting on them to get home and then going to get pizza.

Hope your day was wonderful!


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