Lodi, California 7/19/2013

JULY 19, 2013 (Friday)


Maureen got home around 2 PM, and she brought home tacos from a taco truck that has gotten awards for being so good, and they were good. She also brought home fresh fruit and a peach pie. I know what we’re having for dessert tonight. She and Margret had a wonderful time with perfect weather. Maureen told us she caught up on all her sleep.  She said she had a few adventures. She swears she saw a monkey/gorilla up in the high country. I’m not sure what she was drinking (or smoking) but she was told it was a marmot (?) but she thinks it was a reddish monkey. 

Michael, Don and I just hung out until Maureen got home. Made pasta for dinner but it didn’t turn out like I wanted as the chicken was wet and the flour breading didn’t stick. Live and learn I guess. We are getting antsy to get back on the road.

That was it for our day. Hope yours was good.

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