Lodi, California 7/18/2013

JULY 18, 2013 (Thursday)


Pretty lazy day today. I got up a little late and made chocolate chip cookies. Maureen loves chocolate chip cookies so I wanted to have something she liked when she gets home tomorrow. Later in the afternoon, Maureen called and said they were down from the high country and would be heading home tomorrow.

Around 1 PM, Don’s son and his family came by. They have two of the cutest little boys so I was glad I had made cookies. Mom and Dad decided to wait to give them the “sugar pills” until after they left. They invited us to dinner (lasagna) tonight, but it’s up to Don if he’s feeling well enough. We’ll see.  As of now (5 PM), Don says he wants to go to dinner at his son’s.  

Michael got the alignment done on the Prius at the same place Maureen’s car was done, Tokay Tire. 

That’s about it for today. Hope yours was good.

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