Lodi, California 7/15/2013

JULY 15, 2013 (Monday)


Today was a day of honey’do’s. Before Maureen left, she asked (nicely) if Michael would do some chores and making calls. Today was all about that. Between us we got them all done or in process.

We also discussed, since we will be in Victoria, BC, Canada for a month, whether we should just go for it and go to Alaska. We talked ourselves into it and were in the process of booking a 10 night cruise tour, and then the needs of our charge took over.

Parkinson’s is a slow and steady thief, taking little abilities and thoughts every day.  There is frequent locking and freezing of muscle, thoughts and speech, mixed with shaking and tremors of hands and feet.  Don is enormously frustrated at the simplest tasks and he knows what the future holds.  It was an evening of needing full attention for several hours, and a night of needing assistance every couple hours through to morning.

This culminated with a Dr visit this morning to an old friend of his, a greatly compassionate colleague, that took all the time Don needed to say what was wrong.  Not much for it, but his friend did what he could to help Don with this problem.  He ordered blood work and we went to the local hospital, outpatient services and they got us right in to the phlebotomist.  When they were done, another phlebotomist held a door open for us and Don froze in the doorway.  She saw what was happening and got a wheelchair and put it behind Don and I helped him sit.  She insisted on driving him to the car, which was a pretty good ways.  When she got to the car she said to me, “Didn’t he used to be Dr B…?”  I said, “He still is Dr B”  She chuckled and said, “I know, but I mean he isn’t practicing anymore.  I used to go to his office and take blood samples.  I thought I knew him.” Don smiled, pleased at being remembered.  It is like that wherever we go in this town, the only place where he ever practiced for 40+ years.

Hard to plan for Alaska, at the moment.  Maybe, when we are back on the road next week, if the deals are still there.  Hope you had a great day, and that you are taking good care of yourself, and enjoying each wonderful day as you live it.



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