Packing – Las Vegas, Nevada 6/19/2013

JUNE 19, 2013 (Wednesday)


Happy birthday Pat!

Today was a lazy work day. We slept in because our neighbors on the other side of us were having quite the fight late last night. I thought they were outside, but no, just on the other side of the bedroom wall. Sad that people on vacation feel the need to yell and argue like that. Poor devils yelled about every insult and hurt for at least the last 10 years.

We are checking out in the morning.  Cutting our week here short by 2 days.  Edie packed, did laundry, filled out the official paperwork to turn in to retire on Friday in Sacramento – just doing things to get ready to leave tomorrow, early. Listened to a radio show on the net about time shares, hosted by Mark Silverman. It was an interesting show, sent him an email and he said on the show he would check out our blog.

We also used all the food we had left for lunch and dinner. Michael made a wonderful pasta salad for dinner. He grilled some tilapia with cloves of garlic and some shallots, steamed corn, peas and green beans. Mixed it all together with the boiled pasta, added a little butter and some shredded cheese. We’re gonna remember it for the future.

The family we had hoped to see while on this visit didn’t work out. The nephew from Idaho just got in today and he’s totally focused on his workshop. The other family just got back into town and we are hoping to get a very quick visit in on the way out of town tomorrow. We’ll see. We’re hopeful our family time will be better in Tahoe/Reno.

That was our day. Hope yours was grand!

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