Timeshare Presentation – Las Vegas, Nevada 6/9/2013

JUNE 9, 2013 (Sunday)


Happy Birthday Ellen! We love you.

Today was our timeshare presentation with Grand View at Las Vegas. They always say it is a great lunch, and it turns out to be trays with okay food laid out, picked over, borderline stale. We met Adam, he walked us out front, there was a little bus there. Edie asked, “is this our bus?” Adam said, “No, you’re VIP, I wouldn’t put you in a bus.” We then went over to his Cadillac Escalade. It was pretty new and very nice. We drove from the Cliffs to the Southpoint Casino. We had a lovely lunch at the Garden Buffet at the South Point Casino and Hotel. After our lunch we were given a tour of the Casino, the movie theater, bowling alley, bingo parlor, restaurants, etc. 

We were then taken to the Grand View Resort. We were given a tour of a two bedroom. Lovely. Then the numbers and points versus weeks. Not a high pressure. Actually kinda fun because our “agent” got a salary either way so he just told the truth and did his job. Nice. We considered all that he and his manager had told us and declined the opportunity. 

After our time, we were driven back to our “home” and given our gift of $100 Visa gift card. Actually $80.00 because we had given a $20.00 deposit. We went back to our room and rested for a few minutes and then went grocery shopping. Drove about 4 miles to a Whole Foods, spent way too much but we’re here for two weeks so nothing will go to waste, though some may go to waist.

Now in my pajamas (Edie) and waiting for the Tony awards to come on. Now in my underwear (Mike) and watching HBO.



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