Del Web’s Sun City – Mesquite, Nevada 6/4/2013

JUNE 4, 2013 (Tuesday)


Coffee, breakfast, then we headed for McDonald’s to sit out in the parking lot and work on the computers. We used our inverter for the first time and it was loud but fine. We stayed and worked for about an hour, then we left and went exploring. We ended up at Del Web’s Sun City up the hill in Mesquite. We toured some of the model homes. They were all lovely but Michael and I both agreed we don’t want to live in Mesquite.

Had pizza for lunch – Michael vegetarian and my half was pepperoni and pineapple. We had a coupon so it was only $10.

Went back to our room and took a nap and then got up and made dinner. Broccoli, cottage cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and hot bread. Filling and good, and good for us. Mike drove to McDonald’s and posted Monday’s blog.

Pretty lazy day for us. Not even a picture to post.  I think we’re resting up for Zion tomorrow. We’re excited to see it.

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