Murray, Utah – Snowbird, Utah 5/26/2013

MAY 26, 2013 (Sunday)


This morning around 11 am we went to the adult pool. We were all alone in this huge pool. 9 feet deep in the deep end. It was so warm and felt wonderful being in the pool surrounded by the beautiful scenery.


Adult Pool at Iron Blosam

Afterwards we sat in the huge hot tub (seats 25) and exchanged stories with others. Nice time. We were a little surprised at how many people we’ve talked to that have returned year after year to this resort. Speaks to how lovely it is.


Giant Jacuzzi

Later on we drove about 20 miles into Murray, Utah. Our first stop was a Burlington Coat Factory Store. We’re looking for a robe for Michael to wear to and from the pools. We don’t want to scare the people by walking around without being covered up. We were unsuccessful in our search. Our next stop was Costco, no mens robe there either. First we had a cheap lunch before we went shopping. We got some Pesto Tilapia that we like, some salad, and bananas. Last stop was Whole Foods for the rest of our shopping.

When we got back to the resort, Edie called down to make sure we were on the reservations for the Tai Chi and the water aerobics. A while after she called down, we received a call asking how we were liking our stay. Very nice staff here.

The rest of the afternoon was lazy, other than another dip in the pool and then the hot tub.   



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