Orientation – Tahoe Seasons, South Lake Tahoe, CA 4/29/2013


APRIL 29, 2013 (Monday)


Edie went to the get together orientation meeting and meet several nice people. She won a game of bowling at the local alley during the raffle and ended up giving it to some kids that were playing in the hall outside our room. She asked the kids if she could speak to their Mom. She could tell by the looks on their faces that they thought they were in trouble. They got their Mom from their room and when Edie offered the prize and the Mom accepted, you’d of thought it was Christmas. They squealed with delight and excitement.  

Edie meet a very nice couple that was coming to the end of their timeshare days and wanted to sell their interest in their timeshare. He was on the board and talked of some of the perks of being a board member. Comped travel to Hawaii for board meetings and things like that. Edie has been encouraging me to try to get on the board ever since. 

We have a lot of “Linners” (late lunch or early dinner of decent size that results in skipping one or the other of the traditional meals) on the road. Today we walked a long block down to a German Restaurant. The Himmel Haus. One of the fun things about this restaurant was that when you paid your bill you did it on an Ipad. I got a pork schnitzel that was excellent. Edie got a noodle dish with a sausage and I won the food picking contest for that restaurant. http://himmelhaustahoe.com/

We didn’t go swimming because the pool was right outside the bar and we didn’t want people pointing and laughing at us. The internet speed was excellent. We went into our separate corners and surfed on our respective computers.



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