Garage Sales – Squaw Valley, CA 4/27/2013

April 27, 2013


Today we just took a drive around, went to some garage sales (looking for ski goggles that would double as sun glasses for Michael. Weird, I know, but they work for him). (Michael here, in my youth I used to ski. The Sunday afternoon drive home was always into the setting sun. In California, on a clear winters day it is rough. I really liked putting my ski goggles over my glasses, it really cut the glare and made it not so bad, or dangerous. I find myself often wishing I had a pair of ski goggles to put on over my transitions lens to cut the sun even more. I don’t care if I look like a mad freak going down the road. Substance over form.)

We swam a little in the afternoon. We’ve been trying to swim daily.



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