Shirley Canyon Hike – Squaw Valley, CA 4/26/2013

April 26, 2013


Today we hiked up into Shirley Canyon. We had been told by some people who went on the guided hike the day before with a resort employee how nice it was. It was a relatively short hike, uphill, but well worth it. What lovely waterfalls and getting to see the new life starting to sprout forth from the ground after being buried in snow.

Shirley Canyon Falls, Squaw Valley, Ca.

Shirley Canyon Falls, Squaw Valley, Ca.

After the hike we went into Squaw Valley and had lunch at the Fireside Pizza in Squaw Valley Village. Really, really good. We split a small pizza and a large salad. Both were delicious and made with great care. The water was served in large mason jars and quenched our thirst.  

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