Truckee – Squaw Valley, CA 4/24/2013

April 24, 2013 (Wednesday)


Today we went into Truckee and did our laundry. The resort has a laundry facility (for a fee) but there aren’t many washers or dryers available. While in Truckee we did a little more grocery shopping and got lunch. Michael also bought a new pair of shorts. The weather was a little windy and chilly but still lovely.  

In the evening there was a gathering on the third floor. The doors opened into the sales agent’s office and there were beautiful platters of fruit, crackers, cheese and meats. There was a nice assortment of drinks to choose from – wine and soft drinks. There was no sales pitch involved, just a gathering of people visiting the resort and talking. Very nice and relaxing. It was interesting as different ones shared stories about ownership, special assessments, their travels and which companies were good and which were not so good. After awhile there was a drawing for a week with RCI. We lingered for awhile to talk to the folks and learn new insights into RCI, II, etc.

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