Water Aerobics and Yoga – Squaw Valley, CA 4/23/2013

April 23, 2013


We got up early, (8:30 am) put on our robes and went to water aerobics. The instructor was an employee (I think bookkeeper) and had been doing water aerobics for many years. She was a great instructor and great fun. Two other guests joined us in the pool.  After the water aerobics, we all sat and talked in the hot tub for awhile. I would like to mention the pool is not a chlorine pool but a salt water pool. It was nice feeling on our skin and didn’t have the harshness of the chlorine. They keep it heated to 82 degrees. No shock at all when you enter it.

Later we walked to Squaw Valley Village and looked around. The Village was pretty much “dead” as they had closed the ski runs. There were only a few shops and a couple of restaurants open. Was fun just looking into the windows in the shops. We were disappointed that the lifts were closed as we had hoped to go to the top and see the museum. We were told the view was incredible and the museum was good. We asked one of the few people we saw walking around, a nice gentleman, and he summed it up by saying, “May away.” The break between the winter crowds and the summer crowds when everyone in the mountain vacation industry takes their vacation.  

In the afternoon, we went to a yoga class. What fun. The instructor was very funny and patient. He came to us from a Yoga/Martial Arts studio (Tahoe Mountain Martial Arts & Yoga) so it was the first aerobic yoga class we’d ever taken. We felt well stretched in parts of our body that had not been stretched in a long time. We both fell in love with yoga and look forward to the next class.



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