Olympic Village Resort, Squaw Valley, CA 4/21/2013

Olympic Village Inn Bedroom and Vanity leading to Kitchen/Living room

Olympic Village – bedroom and vanity leading to kitchen/living room

April 21, 2013


We drove towards Squaw Valley but stopped in Truckee to get groceries. We were in our daughter’s Subaru and using a TomTom to navigate. It took us past Squaw Valley to Alpine Meadows by mistake. We were hungry for lunch and stopped at the Alpine Meadows junction with highway 89,  at a nice little restaurant overlooking Bear Creek. We then went back to find our resort. The resort itself was at the very end of the road and behind another resort. Check-in was quick and the staff were very friendly and helpful. We were told about all the activities and things around the resort. We are also told that there was a breakfast meeting the next morning that would go into better detail about all the activities. 

There were nice luggage carts available to get our belongings from the car, into the elevator and up to our room. When we got to our room, we opened the door and were immediately in the bedroom. Nice sized bed, TV, DVD player, chest of drawers and an armoire. As we walked through the bedroom, we entered the bathroom sink and vanity area. There was a door into the toilet and bathtub. The toilet was very different and the bathtub had two shower heads. The toilet was very low, not sure why. In the hallway/bathroom area was a coat rack with two plush robes hanging for our use. Nice. We used them on all our trips to the pool and hot tubs.

Olympic Village Robes

Olympic Village robes


Olympic Village Kitchen

Olympic Village kitchen

As we passed through the bathroom, we entered the living room and kitchen area. The kitchen had a beautiful granite counter, round stainless steel sink, counter stove, small dishwasher, small refrigerator, microwave and no oven. It was a nicely stocked kitchen. There was also a kitchen pantry, which was nice and held several small appliances and would hold a bunch of food. There was a fold up kitchen table mounted on the wall with two chairs, and the usual hide-a-bed couch. Also, there was a large private balcony that overlooked the ski area and the resort grounds. It was lovely. When we sat on the couch and looked out, it was like a beautiful picture frame with majestic snow capped mountains in our view. There was a second TV with a DVD player.

Olympic Village Living Room View

Olympic Village living room view

There were a lot of stellar blue jays. Edie bought wild bird seed and put it in the flower box on our balcony. The jays soon discovered it and would squawk demanding refills. They would start hollering at about 5:30 AM. Lesson learned. We left our balcony door open and one came in and tried to eat our sugar packet. Funny.

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